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ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступеня смт Цумань

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                We have had a special party at our  school today - "Ukraine is an integral part of Europe.The languages are different but we are united", prepared by teachers Kateryna Yanul, Olga Shnyt, Victoria Parhotiuk  and Lesia Luchynets and their students ( forms  5-A,5 -F,6- A,6-V, 7-A and  7-B ).  The students spoke and sang English  about English- speaking countries, Polish - about Poland, and of course Ukrainian - about Ukraine.  They proved that every language is a new and exciting  world,  but to remain a nation we shouldn't  loose our native one, which is the finest and the sweetest  in the world!                                                                                            

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